Gangplank Jr Fire Fighters

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Gangplank Junior spent a morning with the fine men and women from the Chandler Fire Department.  They went through the training facility and got a glimpse of what it takes to be a part of fire company.

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The got to operate the equipment that paramedics use on the scene of an accident as first responders.  They operated and toured both an Engine and a Ladder truck.  It was impressive to see the rigorous training that the fire fighters go through on a regular basis.

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We look forward to doing something similar with the Chandler Police Department in the near future.

One thought on “Gangplank Jr Fire Fighters

  1. I took my 6-year-old son to this event, and he had a fantastic time. Climbing in the trucks, exploring the training buildings, trying on the equipment… these are experiences that kids remember for the rest of their lives. Thanks for putting this together! Can’t wait for the CPD one. :-)

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