TEDxPhoenix Ticket Raffle

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Raffle tickets for cans isn’t a bad deal. Everyone wins – the families receiving your generous donation of non-perishable items and you, entered to win two tickets to a fantastic and inspirational event.

For three short days, bring the spare contents of your pantry to Gangplank. You will receive a raffle ticket for each item donated before Thursday at 5pm. The more food you donate, the better shot you have at winning two tickets to TEDxPhoenix this Saturday, November 6 at 11 a.m. The event, Optimists & Catalysts, is sure to be an incredible experience. The tickets are valued at $100/pair.

Are a few cans of food worth saving $100? Absolutely. But more importantly, are a few cans of food worth giving a family another day they don’t have to worry about how they’ll eat?

Donations can be dropped off at Gangplank, located at 260 S Arizona Ave in Chandler between the hours of 8am-6pm, or until 10pm on Wednesday.

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