Battle of the Nerds 2010

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In a ritual that has spread across the world, Gangplankers convened in August to draft players and form the first ever Gangplank Fantasy Football League.

Screen shot 2011 01 04 at 9.10.04 AM Battle of the Nerds 2010

With weekly matchups that included an unprecedented three ties in the regular season, the playoffs kicked off with Chris Cameron, Fletcher Fowler, Derek Neighbors (most points scored), and Chris Conrey (best regular season record) facing off to win it all.

Round One led off with a surprising upset by the #4 seed Fletch, beating #1 overall seed Conrey due to poor QB management. Chris Cameron smashed through Derek’s team lead with the combo of Tom Brady and Deion Branch, plus a career day from Darren McFadden.

Screen shot 2011 01 04 at 9.10.40 AM Battle of the Nerds 2010

The finals proved to be more of the same for Chris Cameron as Brady, Mario Manningham and Arian Foster decimated Fletch’s team to earn the gold medal. Congratulations to 2010 Gangplank Fantasy Football League Champion, Chris Cameron and The Limbo Kick.

The league will be back next year, and likely will have some owner’s slots open, so get ready to do it again next fall.

PS – Cameron – we’re coming for you!

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