Coworking’s Rapid Response

Gangplank’s guest-blogging series illustrates the array of personalities and experiences embodied by our community. All invited participants – past brownbag speakers, anchors, new members, City of Chandler employees and others – share their Gangplank stories. Interested guest posters should send a draft to our Director of Operations.

By Scott Yacko, owner of Circlestone Media and Certified Google Adwords Professional

Prior to working at Gangplank, I worked primarily from home. I had been to Gangplank a few times in the spring and summer of 2010 simply to break the silence of my home office. Somehow the noise and the buzzing energy helped me focus…counterintuitive, I know.

In October, I came to Gangplank for a specific issue. I was hosting a WordPress site with, a company located at Gangplank, and was having difficulty getting a template to work. When I showed up, the team was out of the office, however, there were a number of people who were more than willing to help me with my problem. I had been stumped for hours at home and now I had a solution within 15 minutes of being at Gangplank.

As I continued to add content to my site, I ran into other issues: editing css, working with php, editing graphics, inserting tables, etc. Answers to all these questions were readily available thanks to Gangplank’s collective knowledge and collaborative workspace. Everyone here is an expert at something, you just need to ask around.

When a non-technical person works at home, solving a technical problem often goes something like this:

  1. Check numerous technical forums
  2. Try to decode the jargon
  3. FAIL
  4. Google the problem in layman’s terms
  5. Test the proposed solution
  6. FAIL
  7. Repeat

In a collaborative workspace, solving a problem is more like this:

  1. Ask the person sitting next to you (coworker #1) if they know anything about php
  2. Coworker #1: “No, but the guy in the green shirt (coworker #2) does.
  3. Introductions
  4. Coworker #2 takes a look at your code and makes a few adjustments
  5. Problem solved (and valuable connections made)

Coworking can facilitate rapid and efficient problem solving. Gangplank’s collective knowledge is one of its most valuable assets and has the power to help this community bring ideas to life faster. So if you’re working from home and get hung up on an issue, stop banging your head against the wall. Drop in, meet people, ask questions, and learn to work faster.

2 thoughts on “Coworking’s Rapid Response

  1. Scott-
    Great post. My Gangplank story is similar to your as we discussed at lunch on Friday. To me Gangplank not only is a place where I can go and get some serious work done, it’s also become a social and civic outlet all wrapped into one space.

  2. Scott, thanks for sharing your Gangplank experience! It’s great to hear how the collaborative workspace affects day-to-day work. I can’t wait to one day (hopefully) work out of Gangplank every day.

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