Gangplank Jr Invades Desert Code Camp 2011.1 (Mindstorms, Scratch, Small Basic, Kodu & Electronics)

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On April 2nd from 8am – 5pm at Chandler/Gilbert Community College will be Desert Code Camp 2011.1.  This is the third Desert Code Camp that Gangplank Jr will have a track.  In fact, this time there will be 2 Gangplank Jr tracks.  That’s right with the help of Lynn Langit, Roy Van De Water, Michael Christenson II, and Adam Mokan we will have our biggest showing yet.

There are 3 sessions for Lego Mindstorms, 2 Scratch sessions, an electronics session and several SmallBasic and Kodu Workshops.  With this many options any technical minded child should be able to find something to peak their interest.  Check out the track details on the Desert Code Camp Site.

Looking forward to seeing you all there for a great day of programming, bot building and collaboration.

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