Gangplank Volunteers Rock

Since Gangplank’s trades in social capital, we’ve never had our shortage of people willing to help out from time to time. A little over two months ago, a few of those folks joined forces to become the first official class of the Gangplank Volunteer Program.

Since then, these folks have blown me away with their dedication to even the most heinous of tasks (i.e. cleaning out and setting up the library). They genuinely want to help keep Gangplank running smooth so that everyone can work and have a good time.

I wanted to take a moment to recognize their awesome work and encourage everyone to tell them ‘thank you’ the next time you see them.

Debbie Walker

Debbie is a longtime Gangplanker. The official Gangplank podcast producer, Debbie most often volunteers her time making Gangplank Studios folks sound fabulous. Additionally, she has made the Gangplank library her personal pet project, coming in week after week to organize shelves, input new books and check-in returns. Debbie is always full of good ideas and a hug. You can most often find her hanging out during Hacknight.

Seth Patterson

A more recent addition to Gangplank, Seth is the mysterious and quiet volunteer. These qualities work in his favor during his volunteer work, letting him be a ‘fly on the wall’ while he videotapes or photographs Gangplank events. Seth has a gift for editing video that weaves a story out of simple images, as you can see in this video he produced.

Wendy Coneybeer

The word that comes to mind when I think about Wendy is tough. No matter how busy she is in her work as a freelance writer, she somehow finds time to volunteer whenever she’s in Gangplank – whether that’s giving tours, welcoming people into Gangplank, writing blog posts or interviewing members.

Eileen Kane

Eileen is a super-volunteer who is quite literally EVERYWHERE. I can’t even begin to see the number of events you may have seen her at because she’s at all of them. Her boundless amounts of energy and positive attitude come in handy whenever there is a big task to be done.

Thank you volunteers!

One thought on “Gangplank Volunteers Rock

  1. Aw Katie… there you go making me all teary-eyed on a Tuesday morning. Thanks for the props :)

    I love Gangplank and want to pitch in whenever I can to help others discover the resources and community that are available to them.

    You, Katie, and the rest of the Gangplank crew are actually a motivational inspiration to me, and for that I thank all of you!

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