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Academy is the educational branch of Gangplank.The average worker will have multiple careers in a lifetime. More than ever before, the economic sustainability of a community is based on a workforce that is able to change, adapt, and acquire new skills. Unfortunately, we cannot look just to universities to solve this problem. Information is changing at a pace too rapid for university curriculum departments to keep up. We strive to provide current educational opportunities taught by local experts. Gangplank believes in exploring new models for continuing education, workforce replacement programs, and corporate training.

At Gangplank one of our core values is learning over expertise. We seek excellence and recognize the only way to get there is to continuously challenge ourselves. We seek to make each other better and embrace constructive feedback. Upon entering Gangplank you are expected to teach, as well as to learn. Our day-to-day activities reflect this culture of mutual education.

Academy classes are designed to be experiential with a variety of opportunities to participate. Another Gangplank core value is participation over observation. We strive to give participants real world application and a chance to practice what they have learned and gain constructive feedback from others.


Gangplank Academy offers non-traditional courses for participants who wish to expand their knowledge in a variety of subjects including business, technology, science, art, music, and communication. Many of the programs and events that are part of Academy overlap with other initiatives providing those who run these programs the chance to demonstrate breaking down silos and collaboration as they work together to promote continuous learning within the community.

Brownbag Speaker Series: The best advice comes from those who have been there – that is the philosophy behind our weekly brownbag series. Gangplank locations invite leaders in their local communities to share their expertise, successes they have enjoyed, as well as lessons learned and failures experienced. This weekly series includes a wide range of topics from Ruby on Rails to community gardening.

To view prior brownbags, check out the brownbag playlist on our youtube channel:

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Upcoming Events

05/14 12:00am
Guilt Free Book Club : "The Zero Marginal Cost Society"
@ Gangplank Chandler

The longer the title of the book, the better the book. Right? Check out our May book, “The Zero Marginal Cost Society: The Internet of Things, the Collaborative Commons, and the Eclipse of Capitalism.” Just hunker down with the title for a while and you’ll “get” the book. The internet of things is transforming Our world economy is being transformed by connections, driving cost after cost to near zero (50 billion sensors will connect to the internet by 2020). So, how will this future economy function when millions of people can make and share good and services nearly free? (Hint: the collaborative commons.)

Actually, maybe you should read the book, or, better yet, just come to the May 14th Gangplank Book Club when we’ll be talking about it. Even better, what if there was a place you could go to RIGHT NOW that demonstrated how people can come together, collaborate and create value for themselves and their community? How cool would THAT be??