Gangplank Business Initiative

We are a community made up primarily of entrepreneurs. Our roots are in encouraging entrepreneurship and small business development. Gangplank prides itself in growing the future business leaders of tomorrow.

We are a non traditional Startup Incubator and Accelerator:
We know what it is like to start a business. The companies based out of our locations and board members live that experience every day. Gangplank provides more than the high-speed internet or desk space to get your startup moving. We offer one-on-one meetings with mentors specializing in marketing, financial management and business planning. The collaborative space provides daily opportunities to meet with contractors, investors and future staff. Beyond networking, it is a place to build relationships and gain support from other entrepreneurs.

Examples of programs and events:

Startup Weekend: Startup weekend is a 54 hour event in which participants are given the chance to pitch an idea, teams are then formed around the most popular ideas, and participants have the remainder of the weekend to attempt to build a viable business. Gangplank was the first to organize Startup Weekend events in Arizona. We find these events to be a fun way to build community and celebrate startup culture. This is often a great way for entrepreneurs to connect with Gangplank. However, we find that entrepreneurs need far more than the support they get out of this 54 hour event to be successful. The ability for startup weekend participants to plug in to the greater Gangplank network is invaluable.

Roadmap to Launch (RML) This is a ten-week program with the goal of bringing ten teams from idea to business through mentoring, curriculum and peer-to-peer discussion. This program was developed after seeing that many of our Startup Weekend participants needed further time to develop their idea and thus it is frequently piggy-backed with a Startup Weekend event. The program is based on Steve Blank’s Lean Launchpad curriculum. Each week we have a different expert teach a particular section. Roadmap To Launch culminates with Extreme Pitch.

Extreme Pitch
This is a fast-paced event where participants are given the chance to pitch their business.Typically we piggy-back this event with Roadmap to Launch and only allow Roadmap participants to pitch. This is a fun night of celebrating startup culture and an opportunity for teams to highlight the their progress.

An extensive network of trusted advisers is the most invaluable asset any business owner or community leader can possess. Our mentors are here to help you recognize your full potential, encourage you through difficult situations, facilitate the necessary steps towards success and stretch you beyond your comfort level.
Most of our locations have posted mentor bios and availability to help you find the right mentor for you:
Gangplank Chandler Mentors
Gangplank Avondale Mentors

Coming soon:
Business success stories- learn more about how Gangplank has helped local businesses.

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