Academy Classes for 2012

Gangplank believes you never stop learning. As a result, we strive to offer classes/workshops providing content to keep Gangplankers moving at the rapid pace of business. Academy courses last approximately 60-90 minutes on Tuesday evenings (unless otherwise stated), with the goal for participants to walk away with a new or expanded skill set. For 2012, we are expanding our class offerings, scheduling at least two Academy courses each month. Here is a preview of the classes already scheduled: Continue reading

Brownbag Memory Lane

While waiting for YouTube to finally lift their 15-minute limit on uploads, many our brownbag videos entered video limbo. Now, newly uploaded (and searchable) via our website, these valuable videos are getting a second life.

Take a walk down Gangplank Brownbag memory lane with some of these lost classics.

The Local Motors Story – John Rogers, co-founder of Local Motors

The Art of ImpersonationDennis Keogh, professional Sean Connery impersonator

Phoenix: A Place Giving Birth to Itself – Dogo Barry Graham

How Does the Angel Investment Process Work? – Marty Zwilling, Founder of Startup Professionals, Inc

Tips for Better Online Video – Izzy Hyman, Izzy Video

The Joy of Irrational and Impractical Design – James Archer, Forty Agency

Social Media and the Third PlaceJoe Johnston, Agritopia

Bootstrapping Your Business – Josh Strebel, Pagely

Building a Tribe – Jason Speck, CrossFit Forever Strong

Animation – Chad Smith

Software Engineering Reading Group

Are you interested in evolving from a “layman copy/paste coder” to a professional software engineer? Are you interested in getting together with others who take software engineering seriously and discussing the merits of clean code and architectural unity over food and a fine frothy beverage? If so, join the software engineering reading group, meeting Wednesday nights at 7 pm.

What will we read? That’s up to you. Vote from the following choices:

· Fowler’s Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture

· Brown et Al’s Anti-Patterns

· Bob Martin’s Clean Code

· Beck’s Refactoring

· Coders at Work

Sound like fun? E-mail your interest and preference to