Disability as a Catalyst

Wired Magazine calls Asperger’s Syndrome “The Geek Syndrome”. Bram Cohen, founder of Bit Torrent, often talks about Asperger’s as a catalyst for his success. STEM Force Technology is a local for-profit social impact company that hires individuals with Asperger’s in the STEM fields. Learn how individuals with Asperger’s, and Autism Spectrum Disorders, have shaped the field of technology and how creating pathways for underserved populations benefits individuals and the marketplace.

Garret Westlake is the founder of STEM Force Technology. He is also the Director of the Disability Resource Center for Arizona State University’s Polytechnic campus, and a faculty associate in the College of Technology and Innovation where he teaches in the Technological Entrepreneurial Management program.

Academy Classes for 2012

Gangplank believes you never stop learning. As a result, we strive to offer classes/workshops providing content to keep Gangplankers moving at the rapid pace of business. Academy courses last approximately 60-90 minutes on Tuesday evenings (unless otherwise stated), with the goal for participants to walk away with a new or expanded skill set. For 2012, we are expanding our class offerings, scheduling at least two Academy courses each month. Here is a preview of the classes already scheduled: Continue reading

Brownbag Memory Lane

While waiting for YouTube to finally lift their 15-minute limit on uploads, many our brownbag videos entered video limbo. Now, newly uploaded (and searchable) via our website, these valuable videos are getting a second life.

Take a walk down Gangplank Brownbag memory lane with some of these lost classics.

The Local Motors Story – John Rogers, co-founder of Local Motors

The Art of ImpersonationDennis Keogh, professional Sean Connery impersonator

Phoenix: A Place Giving Birth to Itself – Dogo Barry Graham

How Does the Angel Investment Process Work? – Marty Zwilling, Founder of Startup Professionals, Inc

Tips for Better Online Video – Izzy Hyman, Izzy Video

The Joy of Irrational and Impractical Design – James Archer, Forty Agency

Social Media and the Third PlaceJoe Johnston, Agritopia

Bootstrapping Your Business – Josh Strebel, Pagely

Building a Tribe – Jason Speck, CrossFit Forever Strong

Animation – Chad Smith