In the Kitchen

Before he was Captain Bluescreen for Integrum, Chris Coneybeer was an executive chef in a french restaurant. Chris recounts his ascent through the restaurant industry as a young age, breaking down the elements of a kitchen and what role a chef really plays.

Gangplank Values Discussion

Utilizing a Gamestorming technique called ‘Show Me Your Values’, Gangplank participants discussed the values surrounding the words ‘Gangplank’, ‘Coworking’ and ‘Community’. A conversation followed regarding Gangplank staff experiences at the Coworking Unconference at SXSW, as well as what differentiates the Gangplank model from more traditional coworking spaces.

Running multiple startups

There are few more upfront and honest about what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Jonathan Kressaty, Gangplank’s youngest Anchor, owns three businesses in addition to a backlog of freelance projects. In his brownbag, ‘Running Multiple Startups’, Jonathan cuts through the crap to give you an honest description of how he runs his companies, as well as tips for budding entrepreneurs.