Knock, Knock, Knockin’ on an Angel’s Door: How to Effectively Pitch & Raise Money from Angel Investors

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Date(s) - 02/19/2014
12:00 - 13:00

Gangplank Chandler


How to Effectively Pitch & Raise Money from Angel Investors

In this session, Alan Lobock, co-founder of SkyMall and Worthworm, will share candid advice on how entrepreneurs can pitch angel investors and successfully raise funding. As a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, Alan has had firsthand experience on both sides of the table and gained valuable insights on what it takes to make a deal. Join us to hear his tips on preparing for meetings with angel investors and making a strong first impression.

Alan Lobock is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor best known for co-founding SkyMall, Inc., the company whose retail catalog is available on approximately 80% of all domestic commercial aircraft. Since leaving SkyMall, Alan has been heavily involved in the startup world as both an entrepreneur and angel investor. Throughout his career, Alan grew increasingly frustrated about how contentious the startup funding process often becomes due to disagreement over valuation. Now, he and his business partner have launched Worthworm, which solves those frustrations by providing a credible pre-money valuation and tools that help prepare entrepreneurs for meetings with investors.

In addition to his work with Worthworm, Alan is a sought-after speaker on topics concerning entrepreneurship and angel investing. He has spoken at universities, clubs, and seminars, in addition to serving as the July 2013 “Ask an Expert” for and a Wall Street Journal Startup Guru.

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