We believe in a new type of economic development and recognize the importance health plays in running a business as well as quality of life. We strive to promote healthy communities. Running a business and pursuing your passions often means putting your health on the back burner. Gangplank Health encourages physical and mental well being, providing programs and resources for Gangplankers to stay healthy and enjoy greater quality of life.

There are an abundance of ways that Gangplankers can promote health within their communities.

Here are a few examples of activities we have done as part of the Health Initiative:

-Gangplank Mile: At least once a day we head out for mile long walk together. This provides physical exercise, a chance to get to know fellow Gangplankers better, an opportunity to be out in our community seeing what is going on and interacting with others, and the much needed brain break from work.

-Hiking club: This is a group that meets to hike together. GPCHH 300x246 Health

-Fat off competition: Much like biggest loser, this is a competition to see who can lose the most weight. We have done a few different versions of this with varied rules. The overall goal is always the same though, get healthy with a little fun competition.

-Community Garden: Gardens are a great way to get back to eating healthy foods. Community gardens provide an opportunity to grow fruits and vegetables with your fellow Gangplankers and to learn from the expertise of other gardeners in the community.

-Collaborate with local government organizations: work to create cities that are pedestrian and cycling friendly.

-Health related brownbags : We frequently offer brownbags on health related topics to promote knowledge of healthy practices within the community. Check out the Health Brownbag playlist on our youtube channel to learn more:

gphealth 300x134 Health

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Upcoming Events

10/24 12:00am
FOOD DAY: Chatter over the Platter & Food Film
@ Gangplank Chandler

Healthy, Affordable, Sustainable Potluck and Food Film.
6-7 pm Chatter over the Platter about your favorite locally sourced or prepared food, your favorite healthy recipes, your strategies in purchasing affordable food, and all things food related. Bring enough for your own group + four. Let’s share and celebrate one of our most basic human needs.
7-9 pm Food Film TBA (send your vote to eastvalleyfoodday@gmail.com )

It’s free (aside from your potluck dish), casual and no hoopala or sponsorships–come and have fun over some good ol’ food!
Don’t forget the Chandler Farmers Market will be held the day before Food Day (Thurs. 3-7 pm). They will have some of our 2013 East Valley Food Day Partners there to celebrate early–not to mention all the fresh, local food! Shake the hand that feeds you or just say hello to Farmer Jeff :-)

Please RSVP on the FOOD DAY page (below)