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Current Job Listings

iOS Developer (100% remote & FTE) [Posted 09/17/2014]

Contact Jessa
Hola Gangplankers!

Here’s a rare job opportunity that will allow you to work from your home office and meet up at Gangplank on occasion to collaborate with the team. It will go fast so if you’re interested, reply today.

Our company is looking for a motivated, career-oriented and extremely talented iOS developer to join our team. In this role, you will work closely with the product manager and design team to create iPad Applications, implement UI using the latest iOS 7 programming techniques, build reusable iOS software components, and analyze/optimize UI and back-end application code for efficiency and performance.

If you meet the requirements below, email Jessa your resume AND a brief statement on what sets you apart from all those average, mediocre developers out there. If we like what we see, we’ll contact you to set up an interview.

· 3+ yrs mobile application development at the UI & system levels
· 3+ yrs in web development with an emphasis on the front end, single page applications
· 3+ yrs creating complex, large-scale apps for the iPhone using Objective-C/C++ w/Cocoa
· Multithreading programming knowledge of iOS SDK and optimization techniques
· Expert understanding of HTML5 and supporting APIs
· Extremely strong CSS skills
· Expert understanding of Javascript (beyond JQuery)
· Experience with Backbone.js
· Has used a CSS pre-processor, such as LESS
· Has written unit tests of JS code
· Has used templating engines to produce markups
· Has worked with large scale apps using Javascript patterns

*Company info will be released upon qualification. Not out to play games or waste your time. If you are a good fit, you’ll be connected direct to the Director of Core Apps.

User Experience & Front End – Web Developer [Posted 09/17/2014]

Contact: Pemodea

We are looking for an amazing user experience front-end web developer to join a fast-paced, design-driven team. You’ll work on experiences that push the envelope. You will play an essential role in building a variety of experiences, from rapid prototypes to creating businesses that disrupt what we know and do today. You are responsible for driving platform research and experimentation, concept exploration, prototyping, and ideation within the creative process for designing user experiences in products and services delivered through modern web technologies.

We’re a cross-functional design-driven team focused on early, discovery-driven experiences — we seek to gain breakthrough insights that shape new products and experiences. Prototypes are how we approach our challenges. We embrace change, foster exchange, think ecologically and innovate every day.

• Solve complex engineering problems quickly and smartly
• Write code and assist with asset production
• Clearly articulate ideas and recommendations on development solutions
• Invent thoughtful, viable and unexpected solutions by examining all aspects of the experience
• Have a strong voice in application architecture, investigating solutions and finding ways to innovate

Desired Skills and Experience
First and foremost – a great attitude! We are focused on maintaining a high-performance, highly-collaborative environment, we expect you to get involved! We’re also a rapidly growing and evolving business, so we’re looking for people with ambition, who aren’t content with just sitting back and managing the status-quo. However, if you’re looking to grow and challenge yourself, to work creatively and collaboratively, and you are passionate about development, striving to constantly stay up-to-date with the latest ideas and innovations – we’re looking for you. Of course, there is a base-line of skills which we need, so please be able to demonstrate solid ability in the following areas:
• HTML 5 / CSS 3
• Responsive Design & Media Queries
• jQuery (latest), AJAX, JSON & MVVM
• Knockout.js (or Angular.js)
• ASP.NET MVC / C# / .NET 4.0 – 4.5

It would also be a big plus if you’re familiar with:
• JavaScript (pure JS – no framework)
• HTML 5 / Advanced CSS
• Agile Development Practices
• WebAPI / Entity Framework
• XML / XSLT / XPath
• RegEx Patterns

Interested in joining?
• Provide a resume and recent work portfolio of successful UI releases and can demonstrate a passion for current visual and interaction design technology trends and practices in a modern web technology context.
• You must live in the metro Phoenix area or be willing to move here.
• Please, no phone calls or third party recruiters.

About the Company
Pemodea has developed a compliance engine built on a mobile commerce platform with omni-channel marketing and retailing. Traditional payment systems utilize decades old technology, methodology, and legacy equipment. They are cumbersome, difficult to manage, and are slow to upgrade and innovate. Today’s regulatory climate further complicates matters and places many products out of the reach of banks and businesses. Pemodea’s compliance and mobile commerce technologies bridge the existing gaps to provide a comprehensive and compliant solution for the next generation of commerce.
We provide our partners with the tools and a feature set necessary to compete in today’s markets

Web Developer [Posted 09/11/2014]

Contact Excion

Excion (Scottsdale) is looking for a small team of Web Developers that can do some great WordPress to support an overflow of work. Please contact us if you, and your small team, would like some WordPress related work.