We believe that we are all born creators. Gangplank Labs is a place for those working on hardware-based projects to collaborate, solve problems, teach, learn and just have a good time while while making things with our hands and mind. Labs is the hackerspace or makerspace component of Gangplank.


The tools available vary by location. Check with your local Gangplank for specific information on what tools are available at that location.
Examples of tools that may be available for use:


-3D Printers

Epilog Laser Cutter

Examples of prior Gangplank Labs events and programs:

Arduino Hacknight: This evening event is a chance to collaborate with others on Arduino based projects. Regardless of your skill level this is open to everyone. Learn Arduino, teach Arduino, share your Arduino projects with other enthusiasts, or just have a good time working on your current project.

3D Printer Demonstration: This is a basic demonstration showing how the 3D Printer works and proper care for the 3D printer.

Chess + Lasers: This event highlights the capabilities of the Epilog laser cutter. During this event, the Epilog laser cutter is demonstrated while attempting to make the following chess set from thingiverse:

Recent Posts

August 2016 Events & Meetups at Gangplank Chandler

Wednesday, August 3 Community Meeting, 12pm, Main Space Join us to discuss whatever comes up living the Gangplank Manifesto and co-working together. Interested in desk space at Gangplank Chandler? Drop [ ]

Chandler Science Cafe at Hack Night, “Mission to Mars” with Rebeca Rodriguez

Please join us for the Chandler Science Café at Hack Night, “Mission to Mars,” with Rebeca Rodriguez, M.S., Space Management, Aerospace Engineer & Founder, Xplore BoX on Wednesday, May 6, 2015, 7 PM. Rebecca [ ]

Storm Chasers & Weather Geeks Unite: MonsoonCon Returns to Gangplank Chandler June 13, 2015

MonsoonCon (formerly know as AZ ChaserCon) returns to Gangplank Chandler,  Saturday, June 13, 2015, 10 AM to 6 PM, free. The objective of MonCon is to bring weather enthusiasts, weather professionals, scientists, spotters [ ]

Upcoming Events

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