We believe that we are all born creators. Gangplank Labs is a place for those working on hardware-based projects to collaborate, solve problems, teach, learn and just have a good time while while making things with our hands and mind. Labs is the hackerspace or makerspace component of Gangplank.

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The tools available vary by location. Check with your local Gangplank for specific information on what tools are available at that location.
Examples of tools that may be available for use:


-3D Printers

-Epilog Laser Cutter

Examples of prior Gangplank Labs events and programs:

Arduino Hacknight: This evening event is a chance to collaborate with others on Arduino based projects. Regardless of your skill level this is open to everyone. Learn Arduino, teach Arduino, share your Arduino projects with other enthusiasts, or just have a good time working on your current project.

3D Printer Demonstration: This is a basic demonstration showing how the 3D Printer works and proper care for the 3D printer.

Chess + Lasers: This event highlights the capabilities of the Epilog laser cutter. During this event, the Epilog laser cutter is demonstrated while attempting to make the following chess set from thingiverse:


Recent Posts

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Get Your Sewing On at Gangplank Avondale

Gangplank Labs just got an industrial sewing machine. Rated at 1/3 horsepower, this 1950’s era machine can sew through leather, canvas, and probably thin plywood. Some assembly required – look [ ]

Upcoming Events

01/07 12:00am
Chandler Science Café at Hack Night, "The Drone Dilemma: Commercial UAVs, the FAA, and You,” January 7, 2015
@ Gangplank Chandler

“The Drone Dilemma: Commercial UAVs, the FAA, and You,” discussion will be led by Garrick Williams, Young Professionals chair for the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) as well as the External Chair for the Orbital Early Career Network (OECN) at Orbital Sciences in Chandler.

01/16 12:00am - 01/17 12:00am
Mobile Launch Weekend
@ Gangplank Chandler

• Do you have an idea for an app but don’t know how to get started?
• Would you like to learn the process of app development?
• Do you have computer graphics skills that could support app development?
• Can you create a web backend for a mobile app?
• Do you have business skill that could be used to guide a team or to promote a new app?
• Are you an educator that has skills to contribute to the design of an educational app?
• Would you like to work with a small team & develop an app from start to finish?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then you should join us Friday night January 16th at 7pm at Gangplank in Chandler for the kickoff our our App Development Startup Weekend. That evening those with ideas for apps will be given a couple minutes to briefly describe their idea. Then the others will circulate & ask questions of the presenters to determine which group they would like to join. By the end of Friday evening we should have several groups formed. While the focus will be on iOS apps for Apple devices, teams can choose to develop on other platforms or even cross platform.

On Saturday January 17th, the groups that are formed will meet at Gangplank in Chandler to develop their plan & start the design of the app they are developing. During the day information will be presented on how to develop the app in phases so you can get a prototype out quickly, move to a version that can be tested in focus groups & finally get the product in available to customers in a place like the Apple store. Depending on the complexity of the app, the goal is to have an app that can demonstrated in one to two months & will be ready to deliver to customers in 2-5 months. Limited business coaching will be available to all teams to help them be accountable & keep moving forward. More comprehensive business coaching will be provided to any of the teams that wish to continue working together after their app is released with enhanced versions or other ideas.

Friday Night January 16th 7pm to 9pm
Saturday January 17th 9am to 5pm