Gangplank is currently expanding into multiple locations around the world. Therefore, sponsors can now support the global vision of Gangplank with sponsorship that would apply to all our locations.

Global Location Sponsorship
Location sponsors will receive a banner posted prominently in the main Gangplank collaboration space. Sponsors will also have their logo and link posted on all Gangplank specific websites and

The Global Location Sponsorship is $30,000 per 6-month commitment. Currently, there are only three spots available.

Global Brownbag Video Sponsorship
Each Gangplank hosts weekly brownbag learning opportunities open to the public. Add your logo and brief message to all brownbag videos from all local Gangplank affiliates, which are archived and available any time on our YouTube Channel. You can view a visual of the Global Brownbag Video Sponsorship here (PDF).

The Global Brownbag Video Sponsorship is $250/month, which a minimum 3-month commitment.

To move forward with sponsorship, please email