The studios initiative strives to build culture and vibrancy in cities, creating cities where people desire to live, work and play.

Music, art, and storytelling are a part of all of us. We are all born creators. Studios goes to the creative core of people and connects artists, musicians, writers, storytellers, comedians and creators of all kinds to explore, have fun, and create!


Gangplank Studios Vision:
Gangplank Studios is the playground to collaborate and create, building a vibrant local scene and fostering career opportunities.


Examples of Studios initiative Events and Programs:
*How Do You Picture Your Summer – Summer photography series. Meets once a week to learn and share photography skills.
*Videography Class
*Art and craft classes
*Music lessons
*Writing meetups
*Improv classes
*Photography contests
*Mentoring- when available, we have mentors who will work with those interested in getting into the arts industries.
*Video studio: some locations have video equipment available for use and a pop up studio.

Recent Posts

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Digital Storytellers Meetup & Creative Bootcamp

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Upcoming Events

05/26 6:30 PM
Novel Critique Group for Experienced and Aspiring Novelists
@ Gangplank Chandler

The Novel Critique Group meets every two weeks and provides two powerful critique groups in one. Aspiring Novelist Group and Experienced Novelist Group.

Aspiring Novelist Group: This group is for those still working to publish their first novel. For this group, you need to submit 1000-4000 words via email at least one week prior to the meeting so it can be distributed for the next meeting. Critiques will be provided by fellow aspiring novelists.

Experienced Novelist Group: This group is for those with published novels. For this group, please submit 2,500-10,000 words for critique. For submissions longer than 5,000 words, please provide them in two sections. If we have the time, we will review both sections, but we will impose a total word count limit, which will be agreed upon by the group. Submissions are due two weeks prior to the meeting they will be critiqued in so we can discuss the length of the submissions for the next meeting at the end of the meeting.

Submissions and questions should be sent to

Gangplank is in Downtown Chandler on Arizona Ave. just north of Frye Rd. There will be a note on the board inside the door as to which meeting room we will be in. Meet and greet is from 6:30 to 7:00 and we will start our critiques at 7:00 sharp.

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