Celebrating Creation with Desert Bloom

Desert Bloom is what Gangplank is all about.  While it was a great showing of using free infrastructure provided for creatives to create and show off their work it really was about so much more.  It was about a group of people stepping up and taking initiative to make the place they live better.  Not only for themselves but for other creatives like them.  We asked for volunteers to get involved in bringing music to Gangplank and from a few exchanges Greg Taylor, Brandon Franklin, Brandon Mason and Nicholas DiBiase ran with it and put together a fabulous event to kick off the YearOfMusic.

We are excited to be moving into a new space soon that will allow local musical creatives to really flourish by providing studio and venue space to not only perform, but to create and collaborate.  If you want to be involved drop us a line we plug you in.  If you have an idea of something you want to see at Gangplank speak up.  Our goal is to help people follow their passion and unlock their talent and creativity.  We look forward to seeing everyone participate.  If you want to participate in the photo equivalent of the YearOfMusic check out PhotoCon and sign up for the Chandler Photo Throwdown.

Music Is Important, Just Ask The Pangean Orchestra

Music is vital to creativity.  It is a universal language capable of uniting and inspiring.  Just ask the Pangean world orchestra based in Gilbert, Arizona.  They will be premiering at Phoenix Symphony Hall Sunday April 11th at 2pm.

The first five people to tweet about this event using the #PangeanOrchPhx hash tag will receive a pair of tickets to see the premier event on Sunday April 11th at 2pm.

Winners so far… Tyler Hurst (@tdhurst), Deraven (@deraven), Christopher (@acydlord), Celeste Summer (@celestesummer) and Mandy Fish (@mandyfish)