We’re Moving…..

As we continue to grow and as the gangplank community continues to expand we have found it time to move down the street and double our space.  October 1st we will be moving into bigger and better digs.  This is perfect timing with all the great new things we are getting ready to offer.

You can view the floor plan here:

3 thoughts on “We’re Moving…..

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  2. I so cannot wait! Not only will we get more space but we’ll get a much needed change of environment. The open area concept is almost there in our current setup but the wide open warehouse will completely secure that concept. We’ll have better room for the academy stuff too.

  3. OK… This is freaky…

    For several years ending in 1997 (I think) I worked at a company with office space close to where Gangplank is right now. AND in a building that looks exactly like this. AND the floor plan was 90% EXACTLY like this one!

    If it’s the same place, it will be REALLY strange to walk around in there but I look forward to that day!

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