2009: The state of the Plank address

Hey there kids,

This is strebel, and today I sat down with Daniel Gerous the CEO of Gangplank and asked him a few questions as to where this thing called Gangplank is going and what’s in store for the future. I also threw in some more worldly questions to really try to understand what makes him tick.

JS: Daniel, thank you for taking  the time to sit down with me today. I know your schedule is pretty hectic of late. Can you tell us what you have been up to?

DG: First, thank you for having me in today Joshua, I have been following your exploits of late and I must say.. that burn on @conrey was classic! [chuckle] I have been focusing a lot of my attention of late on community outreach and building momentum for the movement.

JS: The movement? Please explain.

DG: Well see Gangplank is many things.. to some it is a physical place, a building, where they come to work and socialize. To others it is a source of capital and mentorship for start-ups, for many it is an idea. An idea that Phoenix can be more than Cotton, Real Estate, and Cactus – or whatever the dumb cliche is. For far too long Phoenix has been stuck in a funk, a technology backwater. Think about it.. you have few notable exceptions like Motorola, Intel, Microage, and Salesforce/ACT. But really.. what else is there. Besides those few OLD SKOOOL exceptions.. and few recent ones like GoDaddy, Phoenix [metro] is 20 years behind the likes of the Bay Area, Boston, Chicago.. even little old Boulder, CO is clowning us on the new-tech front. There is.. er was.. no innovation culture here.

JS: Yeah.. I hate that guy Andrew Hyde.. all he ever talks about is Boulder this, Boulder that.. wish one would fall on him.

DG: Exactly. Phoenix is huge, and filled with many many many smart people, just waiting for something to happen. And I would like to think that Gangplank is that something.

JS: How So?

DG: In the 5, maybe 6 months now we have been doing this.. with the help of the smart people on board; We are changing EVERYTHING. There is a new vibe in town. Sure the Economy overall is hurting, but the guys I talk to, and the business that operate out of gangplank, are doing exciting things, and never seem to be hurting for business. Overall we want to do 1 thing. Make Phoenix awesome. Make people proud to say they are from Phoenix. We are doing that by making our facilities open for use by freelancers, user groups, even the Microsoft peeps are on board. We planted a seed, and it is growing.. fast, like some weird mutant hybrid weed of awesome.

JS: Nice.. So Whats Next for Gangplank?

DG: Well I cant divulge all the secrets, but I can say this. We are moving into [business] spaces, making partnerships, and talking to people now, that will in the near and long term future insure that Phoenix is always in the conversation. From Capital investment to Creative Mecca… it is all within our reach.

JS: So Dan, what’s in it for you?

DG: Truthfully.. nothing tangible. Maybe I can get a date with a movie star or something out of it. I do it because it has to be done.

JS: So what are your thoughts on the election and our new president?

DG: I am agnostic in my political views, I’ll back whatever or whom ever can help the most people. So far Obama seems to be hitting the ground running.. That is a good thing to do whether you are president or peasent. Do work, and do it well.

JS: So a while back some interweb celebs were here, did you get a chance to meet them?

DG: No I didn’t unfortunatly, I was away on business.. I seem to be always away on business… hence this silly rumor that I dont even exist.¬† Bollocks.. I did hear though that @Garyvee is terrible at wii tennis.

JS: True Story.. he sucks. So Any final thoughts for our viewers? All 2 of them?

DG: Well my grandpa was a farmer, in Ohio.. and he had one rule to live by. He would say, “Dan, no matter how much cow shit sticks to your boots, you can still walk”.

JS: HAHAhaha..

DG: No really.. It took me a while to understand it, but today I embrace it. Think about it.. Also I just want to say thanks all the folks that make Gangplank possible. The anchor companies (Integrum, Drawbackwards, Obu, Forty, BestPartyEver, Stealthmode, sStitch) and all the freelancers and cool kids that show up and make it a great place to work and play.

JS: Thanks for sitting down with me today Daniel, I look forward to more cool stuff from Gangplank

DG: Thank you for having me.. As long as people want more for Phoenix, and themselves; Gangplank will be here.

3 thoughts on “2009: The state of the Plank address

  1. Have you ever thought about doing some of the gangplank sessions with a virtual add on? I work in North Scottsdale and it is tough to get down to Gilbert for the lunchtime sessions though I’d love to attend. Nothing beats the in person experience, but its better than not being able to attend at all. DimDim.com and Talkshoe.com are two options.

  2. I’m kind of confused with all the empty “improve Phoenix” rhetoric. Seems to me if one wanted to improve Phoenix you might just base your HQ in Phoenix?

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