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Recently we threw up a quick poll to see what kind of interest there were in some of our crazy ideas for using Gangplank’s space to help build community.  It looks like there was a reasonable response so if you want to help organize any of the following please drop an email or comment below.

Mobile Device Bootcamp (Android/iPhone)

Bar Camp (

Music Meetup (bring instrument and jam)

Supper Happy Dev House (

On-site Tattoo (schedule to be tattooed @gangplank)

Demo Day (short presentations on what people are working on)

Photography Event(s)

Music Lessons (learn guitar, flute, whatever)

Kid Events

If you have other ideas please share them.

One thought on “Interested In Getting Involved

  1. Derek,

    In regards to my comments to you during lunch today, I would be interested in putting together a meeting to encourage some fraternization between Programmers and business mind-ed individuals, which I will call Entrepreneurs, to stimulate working partnerships in the development of new products.

    I was thinking something along the lines of “Pitch and Partner Night” – For Programmers and Entrepreneurs to create partnerships to transform ideas into products.

    My only concern is that both programmers and entrepreneurs will already be set on their ideas and presenters will be left with only the sound of crickets at the end of their presentations, with no interested Programmers or Entrepreneurs.

    Therefore, I think a wise first step would be to take a poll to be completed by only the people who are interested in attending, with the following options:

    o I am a Programmer with an idea looking for an Entrepreneur to partner with
    o I am a Programmer open to work on someone else’s idea
    o I am an Entrepreneur with an idea looking for a Programmer to work with
    o I am an Entrepreneur open to working on a Programmers idea

    I would like to discuss next steps with you at your convenience. I will also email this idea.



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