Ton of FoodDrive for St. Marys update

fooddriveLOOK AT THIS

Some intersting developments regarding the Gangplank Ton of Food Foodrive.

First.. we are off to good start as evidenced by this picture.

We are trying to raise 2000lbs of food for a donation to St. Mary’s Foodbank in Phoenix. That would be about 2100 cans.  If you are coming to gangplank for hacknight, or wed brown bag… or anything, pleae bring some canned goods. Demand at St. Mary’s Foodbank is up 90%.. donations are only up 50%.. so they have a imbalance they need help with.

Finally.. Dan G called me and said he heard some chatter that the folks at terralever think they can raise more food than us. First.. What do they need a Lever for?, Two.. they dont have chance..  This means war..

So this is a call to arms for all the cool cats.. no way we are going to let those design lackeys at Terralever out do us at our own game. What you Got Richter?  Bring it!

2000lbs (Approx 2100 15oz cans ) of food donated to St. Mary’s Foodbank.. before August 1 2009.
Use any means at your disposal

Team Gangplank

Helios Agency
Simple Seating

tl_logo_biggerTeam Terra Lever


So It looks like Off Madison Ave is jumping on board the Terra Lever team.. and they need the help as Jason Ayers just agreed to make a sizeable donation.  He tweeted:

“For every person who retweets this, I will donate 2 cans of food to @gangplank #phxfooddrive”

Within 20 minutes he was at 107 RT’s and according to the paper in this photo.. he is up around 495? THANKS JASON

7:01pm: 41 pages of RT’s at 15 per page.. = AWESOME


8 thoughts on “Ton of FoodDrive for St. Marys update

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  3. There is a little more than just some chatter over at Terralever on how we plan to dominate you all in this challenge.

    We couldn’t agree more that this is for a great cause in a time of great need.

    It’s on like Metroid. Bring it!

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