When Worlds Collide

One world is made up of individuals.  The little guys.  The underdog.  The freelancers and small businesses of the world clawing and fighting to get to the top of the barrel.  Their world thrives on collaboration and personal interaction.

Another world is made up of corporations.  The big guys.  The 500lb gorillas.  The established businesses of the world fighting to stay on top.  Their world thrives on operational efficiencies and growth.

Add a little Gangplank Kryptonite and watch as both sides get their status quo challenged.

Many people think that the AZ Tech Council is something that it’s not.  Don’t under estimate the things they are doing and the value they can bring to the little guy.  They have made a lot of changes in the past 12 months.  This isn’t your fathers Tech Council.  Challenge yourself and let your world collide with theirs.  You just might be surprised.  Worse case help us crash the party!

Join us for AZ Tech Council’s AFTER 5 Event 8/27 5pm at Skysong, FREE if you mention gangplank.

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