Orchestral Movement Underway.. Willing to help?

The Pangean Orchestra

“Lead the world in the construction of a new orchestral movement by uniting musicians from diverse backgrounds and cultures on stage to play the music of one planet: united by our common language.  Our music and performance representing the harmony created when people from all over our world join together in a spirit of sharing and unity.”

We are looking for talented individuals who are willing to work together for the fulfillment of this mission statement.

The Artistic Director/founder (Colin O’Donohoe) has his master’s in non-profit management from Carnegie Mellon University and is fully vested in doing what is necessary to help anyone to become successful in the area that they choose to help with.

We need help with taking the group from its start up stage into a fully viable organization.  We are especially interested in administrative help in the following areas

Information Technology
database creation – for contacts, sponsors, venues, fans, and musicians
website maintenance
Email set up for newsletters and interoffice communications

all areas

Managing Director
Someone willing to embrace the challenge of taking this organization from start up to fully viable.  Most importantly, strong leadership skills and desire.

Any interested people should contact:
Colin O’Donohoe
odonohoe at gmail dot com
Thank you
The Pangean Orchestra

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