Toys for Tots = Booty for Lil' Pirates

tftArgh yar deck swabbin scalleywags!
Your self appointed Philanthropic Pirate here to tell you about our new charity effort.

Starting Monday November 3rd thru December 15th, Gangplank is accepting donations of  NEW AND UNWRAPPED KIDS TOYS to help the US Marine Corps Toys for Tots Program.

I will not go so far as to say there is an admission fee, but let it be known.. you roll in to Gangplank without a toy.. and I am there, you will be publicly ridiculed and hazed.


I grew up poor, many of you may have as well. But mom always had a gift or 2 under the tree for me. Make sure no kid goes giftless this Christmas.

Ya’ll did great on the St. Mary’s food drive.. Let’s repeat and get some toys for the youngin’s.

NEW AND UNWRAPPED KIDS TOYS -> Gangplank -> Toys for Tots -> Happy kids

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