Answer phones for PBS pledge drive March 10th.

Hey kids,

Gangplank is at it again.. applying time and resources where it matters.


We need 8-10 people to volunteer to spend the evening answering pledge phones at the KAET studios (ASU Campus) on Wed. March 10th 5:30pm to 10pm. Help support PBS and their awesome programming.

You will be on LIVE TV and taking phone calls from donors. Food and refreshments provided.

I’ve done it once before.. it was cool.

IMPORTANT: I need you to confirm below in a comment that you wish to volunteer. Give me your full name and a AYE that we can count on you.

I need names so I can procure parking passes and such for each of you.

So to Recap: Web, March 10th 5:3opm – 10pm. Need 8-10 volunteers, please confirm with comment on this post.


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  1. Update: I guess the moved the studio to the Downtown PHX ASU campus. NOT TEMPE. Send you all email now with the parking pass and instructions. See Wed. Evening

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