Everyone Has A Plan Until They Get Punched In The Face

It’s no secret that we have been brewing Gangplank 3.0 and trying to define What Exactly That Is?  Previously, we had listed Gangplank as Kryptonite to the Status Quo.  Part of the status quo is having a long and detailed action plan that must be followed to a tee in order to consider success.  Mike Tyson once said, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face”.  In many ways, Gangplank is aiming to be a punch in the face to the standard way of doing things.  Sometimes a punch in the face is what is needed to alert someone to the danger they are really in.  Gangplank 3.0 plans to come out swinging.


We left off with “To innovative companies and creative people, Gangplank is the collaborative workspace that provides infrastructure and community that creates the new economy.” Now we are taking a stab at other ways of saying this, casual talking points that drive the same concept home. We think it’s important to be provocative, to make bold assertions and live up to them.  We need to drive the vision to reality and build an expectation of what we do:

“Gangplank attracts creative people and organizations. The collaboration that results is driving a new economy in Chandler and the rest of Arizona.”

“Gangplank provides a creative home for people who want to change the economy and their lives.”

“Gangplank encourages contribution. Contribution is the fueling a new economy where ideas and action rule.”

“Gangplank exemplifies the new economy: contribution, collaboration, insight, intuition and action.”

“Gangplank is a place where the new economy is booming. Come visit the future.”

“Gangplank has turned the industrial era on it’s head, come see how the new economy works.”

Help us by giving feedback.  Which one is our best punch?

10 thoughts on “Everyone Has A Plan Until They Get Punched In The Face

  1. Re: Susan–

    I think we can replace “creative people” with “people who create” for greater effect. I’m not creative in the artsy sense, but I do make new things. Many people don’t consider programming to be creative.

  2. I’m not crazy about the “new economy” element only because I’m not sure everybody understands it or interprets in the same way.

    How about a twist on another of your ideas:

    “Gangplank provides a collaborative home for people who want to build community, change the economy and their lives.”

    … not sure about the “creative people” piece either, lots of folks interpret it too narrowly and it may turn them away. Maybe it should just be “people”.

  3. “Gangplank is a melting pot of creative individuals and businesses, that inspire success, innovation, and community. We’re where leaders come to grow.”

  4. “Gangplank is a place which encourages contribution, collaboration and creativity. These three things are the foundation of the new economy.”

    Or maybe “Gangplank floats like a butterfly and stings the status quo in the face.”

  5. Damn! Mine was Pat’s :-) Gangplank IS the new economy! And you guys should defer to us, we BOTH come from a PR/messaging background. And unbeknownst to each other, we arrived at the exact same place.

  6. good post.

    “Gangplank provides a creative home for people who want to change the economy and their lives.”
    it might not cover everything you want it to, but it’s probably the easiest to remember and repeat. (which is important)

    keep rocking.

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