Gangplank Garage For Gearheads?

Local Motors recent brown bag was an inspiration to the spirit of tinkering.  We are fortunate to have the best hacker space in Southwest inside Gangplank thanks to the hard work of HeatSync Labs.  I think it would only be fitting if we added something for the gear heads as well.  I know that HeatSync Labs would love to put some electronics in vehicles and the creatives among Gangplank would love to participate in great new advances in automotive.  Many of them already love the such things.  Mike Benner, Josh Strebel, Beau Frusetta and Chuck Reynolds are just a few that come to mind.

There happens to be an empty garage attached to the new Gangplank building.  It makes me wonder if it’s time to consider Gangplank Garage?  What are your thoughts?

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