Fat Off 2010

Gangplank exists to help startups and entrepreneurs get on their feet. Part of that mission means providing infrastructure and resources – and part of that means being a kick in the ass.

And sometimes that can be a fat ass.

Starting a business doesn’t mean neglecting your health. The first Fat Off sought to help participants lose weight…and collectively they lost an entire person.

Fat Off 2010 will go one step further. We are challenge participants to not only lose weight, but develop a long lasting healthy lifestyle.

Over 12 weeks, participants will compete for both the most percent of body mass lost, and number of challenges completed. Gangplank volunteers will host 32 challenges that will earn participants points. The challenges will introduce new exercise techniques and healthy eating habits, with activities ranging from yoga, to nutrition classes and roller hockey.

Fat Off competitors can earn additional points by selecting healthy meal options at participating local restaurants and working out in groups outside of the challenges. We encourage participants to record their progress over social media, which will also earn them extra points.

Fat Off 2010 is about community and participation. Only 30% of a participant’s score will be based on weight lost. 50% will be based on challenges completed and the remaining 20% on participation (weigh-ins and social media posts).

The cost to participate is $25 (cash only). To register, come to Gangplank July 6-8. Registration will open daily at 8am and close at 7pm. You can participate without registering, but will not be eligible to win prizes. You may also register after the July 8th deadline, but will have to make up any missed challenges on your own.

Information can found under the Projects tab on the Gangplank website.

The kick-off meeting will take place on Saturday, July 10th at 1pm at the new Gangplank location (250 South Arizona Avenue, Chandler AZ 85225). We will be discussing how to make the most out of the next 12 weeks and proper goal setting. We will also provide some at-home workout techniques.

13 thoughts on “Fat Off 2010

  1. BreveMike –
    Jason from Competitive Fit said he’ll have a body fat percentage guy (tub of water and everything) in at the end of this month. A few of us are going to place side bets on percentage of fat lost. You’re welcome to join.

    I think it’s $32 to get weighed.

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  3. Tyler –

    My post was poorly worded.

    My concern is that measuring weight loss as opposed to fat loss or fitness capacity is not a meaningful quantifier.

    For someone (like myself) who has a significant amount of excess mass to dispose of, being told I’m going to have to *compete* against much thinner persons on a % weight basis is actually discouraging.

    A measurement of % fat loss would be a much better indicator of improved lifestyle. So would a fit test measuring respiratory capacity, core stability, and muscle performance (sprints, max weight lifts, etc.).

    Because the competition is supposed to be about lifestyle changes, education, and community building – maybe it would be better to not have “weight loss” as a competition factor. As leaner denser muscle mass builds at the same time the lighter fat burns off, participants may not see a significant change in weight. In some cases participants might even see a temporary increase in weight.

    As to “Fat-Off” being catchy, maybe to those who are merely out of shape or with 10 or 15lbs to loose.

    I would not presume to speak for any obese person other than myself, but a “Fat-Off” competition that *does not in any way measure fat loss* feels more like being poked in the ribs with a broom handle. A not too subtle reminder of the contempt and disregard the general populace has for people with significant weight issues.

    Although the competition is designed to promote healthy lifestyle modification in a fun, collegial, and supportive environment – for myself and possibly others – we’re trying to save our lives.

    Am I being overly sensitive on the issue? Perhaps.

    I apologize if anyone feels slighted or affronted by my statements.
    I appreciate that Gangplank even concerns itself with the well being of its community and do not intend to malign or minimize the effort put into organizing this event.

  4. Brevemike –

    It’s a team thing, man. Not meant to be an individual competition.

    And if your sole desire is winning, then you’re entering for the wrong reasons. The hope is to instill healthy habits with the people you hang out with the most.

    And yeah, Fat Off isn’t a literal name, but it’s catchy.

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  6. This competition is mis-named.
    It’s really a “weight off” or “mass off”, not a “fat off”.

    If you were measuring % of body fat loss, it would be correctly named.
    Unfortunately, you could be measuring water weight loss as easily as fat loss.

    No real incentive for heavy people to participate.
    As pointed out in the competition details, a 140lb person has a competitive advantage over a 235lb person.

    • Only 30% of the overall score is based on % of body mass lost. The largest percentage of points is based on how many challenges you complete, which includes exercise, healthy eating and teamwork. We want to stress building a community for support and introducing techniques that will lead to long-term lifestyle changes, not just losing 20 pounds that will be gained back as soon as we’re done. Thank you for your feedback!

  7. I want to win. Why did you do this as soon as I left? To sabotage me????? I am going to do it anyway!

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