Gangplank 3.0 Status Update

It’s summer in Phoenix.

While lounging next to the pool we know you are staring into your glass of frosty beverage and asking yourself.. When is Gangplank Moving?

Well here’s an update on the move: The hardest part is done.  The paperwork and all the legal stuff is handled.  Just sorting out some details.. you know dotting the i’s and crossing the sabers.

Everything is on track, we don’t have a definitive move date yet.. but it’s getting closer. In the meantime, look at this picture below; close your eyes and imagine a new building facade and 10ft signage of the Gangplank skull hanging over Arizona Ave in Downtown Chandler. And See that new fire hydrant.. that’s cause they are widening the sidewalks out front, patio anyone?

7 thoughts on “Gangplank 3.0 Status Update

  1. Actually, I WAS just sipping something out of a pineapple and wondering that exact thing. So excited to see GP move downtown! I have no doubt the patio will be THE place to be in Chandler! Congratulations guys!

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