Gangplank Open Forum Live Blog (11am)

Can’t make it to Gangplank today for the Open Forum? Follow the conversation here and leave your comments.

4 thoughts on “Gangplank Open Forum Live Blog (11am)

  1. We have several startups working out of Gangplank. A majority of them are actually in the process of expanding. Combined, the anchor companies have hired 6 new employees.

    Multiple startup weekends are a possibility. The challenge is finding the time and volunteers to plan and implement. Would you be interested in helping with this? ~Katie

  2. (I hope this is the correct place to ask questions for the open forum)

    Why does it seem like so few startups are coming out of Gangplank? Are there more than are publicized? We talked about the possibility of having multiple startup weekends but nothing ever came of that. Is this a possibility?

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