GP School Supply Drive

Kids rule – Our state education budget sadly does not.

Most valley kids are out of school for a few weeks but will start back up Late July.

Remember your first day of school when you were totally stoked about your new GIJoe or Barbie folder and pencil box? Did anyone else put Elmers glue on their hand in a thin film and let it dry.. to then peel it off so it looked like shed lizard skin? Okay just me then. Regardless, kids in our community needs supplies.. so time to step up.

DETAILS for the GangPlank School Supply Drive.

  • Grab this handy list of school supplies provided by a real 1st grade teacher!
  • Take yo booty to the store and grab a backpack and get some supplies
  • Drop off said supplies at a participating Locations (see below).
  • The Goal is to deliver 1 filled backpack per child for 100 children.
  • Deadline is Thursday July 22rd. to drop off your supplies.

All supplies will be rounded up by a Gangplanker and given to @Twitterpated (a 1st grade teacher in Chandler Unified School District) and she will make sure they get to those that need them.

Easy right? Buy supplies > Drop off > Help some kids > Feel awesome.

Partner DropOff Locations:


We here at Gangplank issue the following challenge to all creatives (and other dropOff locations): Try to beat us. Gangplank will easily get to 100 filled backpacks, Can you? Feel free to team up with other creatives/agencies to combine your totals.. whatever it takes, just try to beat us.

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