GP Brownbag: Nathan Eskue on Process Mapping

Nathan Eskue is a problem solver – a unique one. Eskue uses process mapping to help the company Mission Lane create alternate reality games. The company are currently working on an online ARG or Alternate Reality Game as a prequel to The Citadel. Nathan Eskue uses his expertise in process mapping to help bring the ARG to life.

“The Citadel is using process mapping to tackle some of its unique business problems,” said Eskue. “We’d like to share how we use mapping in a unique way so that other business builders can benefit from the results.”

Process mapping is an essential part of any process improvement program.  What many companies don’t realize is that process mapping is actually a potent tool for almost any problem, be it solving a current business problem, trying to find the missing piece or your target market, or trying to nail down what causes your spouse to get frustrated with you at your parents’ house!  By leveraging specialized storytelling techniques, you can take process mapping (and therefore, problem solving) to the next level.  Eskue outline the basics for you, as well as provide some resources that can help you start to crack the code to a better business.

Eskue will also discuss the unique style of gaming Mission Lane creates, such as The Citadel. The Citadel is an immersive fiction game played in downtown Phoenix. The game incorporates film, Web and live actors players work to solve a fictional crime. It is designed for four players ages 16 and up. The Citadel is played on weeknights and weekends. Each game takes roughly four hours to complete. The Citadel has a rotating roster of actors so teams will never know who is part of the game and who is just an innocent bystander (anyone you encounter could be either an agent, a neutral or an enemy of The Citadel).

Wednesday, July 14 at noon
Gangplank HQ
250 S Arizona Ave
Chandler, AZ 85225

Click for more information about the game.

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