School supply drive over!

Remember your first day of school when you couldn’t wait to show off your new GIJoe or Barbie folder and pencil box? Or those times you would leap off the school bus, excited to parade your latest art project in front of your parents? Unfortunately, more and more children are missing out on those special moments as the result of these hard economic times. Parents facing long-term unemployment or under-employment are forced to send their kids to school without the necessary supplies, depending on shrinking school budgets to provide for their children.

Back in June, we asked Gangplank members and the local community to step up and ease the burden on Chandler families and schools. Gangplank Jr hosted a School Supply Drive, with a goal of 100 donated backpacks.

This week, 43 fully-stocked backpacks were picked up by the Chandler Unified School District. We may not have reached our goal of 100 backpacks, but the backpacks that were donated have all the students will need for the upcoming year.

Backpacks lined up, ready to go!

A mix of superheroes, Hannah Montana, plaid, black, blue and every color in between, each backpack was filled with supplies for the upcoming year. Donations of glue sticks, scissors, folders, paper and pencils flooded in over the six-week drive. No one that walked through the doors of Gangplank could miss the ever growing pile of backpacks that gathered by the front door and began taking over the large front window.

Getting loaded up by the Chandler Unified School District.

Thank you to everyone that donated backpacks and supplies. Due to your efforts 43 students can concentrate on their school work and succeeding in the classroom, instead of worrying about how they will be able to afford the paper to work on.

Barely able to fit all of them!

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