Staying competitive in the Tequila market

Tequila gets a bad rap. Most people who dislike Tequila probably haven’t had the real stuff, according to Todd Ellinwood of Cruz Tequila. It’s the percentage of agave that is key.

Ellinwood will discuss the differences in Tequila production, how his brand competes in the international Tequila market, common misconceptions, as well as provide a tasting for those over 21 years old.

“Most people have a limited understanding on the production pocess and flavors of fine Tequila,” said Ellinwood. “We want the opportunity to re-educate consumers while sharing our experiences in the market!”

Cruz Tequila is an Ultra Premium Tequila company whose focus is to produce and sell the finest Tequila on the market. Their small batch Tequila is eight-time, award winning, Arizona owned and operated, and the recent recipiant of the Gold Medal at the San Francisco Spirits Competition. Cruz Tequila is a soft and creamy style Tequila; no lime or salt needed.

You must RSVP to attend this event, as well as bring an ID to participate in the tasting.

Wednesday, August 4th at noon
Gangplank HQ
250 S Arizona Ave, Suite 1 & 2
Chandler, AZ 85225

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