Having an idea is easy – making it happen is hard. Especially when that idea relies heavily on others.

At the beginning of the year, Gangplank Junior decided it wanted to form a First Lego League team. The competition seeks to teach kids mechanics, robotics and problem solving, skills often left untaught in the modern era of slashed school budgets.

Now, nearly six months later, I’m sitting watching HeatSync Labs Jose Diaz talk to a group of parents about this tremendous opportunity for their kids. In the back, more than 20 kids aged 4-14 are intensely focused on building working cars and mini machines.

Jose Diaz, Jacob Rosenthal, Roy van de Water, Mike Benner, Nate Plamondon and Jason Petrilla have dedicated their free-time on weekends to teach these kids lessons they don’t have access to in school. Several of them have put in their own funds, as well as late nights organizing kits for the younger kids, and orchestrating training schedules for the upcoming months.

As a former teacher, watching this idea come to fruition is tremendously moving. It gives me hope that there are more people out their willing to sacrifice their time and resources to educate the next generation.

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