Jade Meskill gives ‘Intro to Hudson’

Jade Meskill, President of Integrum Technologies, gives a brief overview of Hudson, a program which monitors executions of repeated jobs, such as building a software project.

One thought on “Jade Meskill gives ‘Intro to Hudson’

  1. Nice brief overview of Hudson and some of its power features, like node delegation and SCM updating.

    It’d be nice to see an actual workflow, as in “on this real life web app, this is how we configured Hudson. It updates our leaderboard, builds, and deploys app to server if all tests pass.”

    I’d also be interested to see how this could be integrated with JIRA or another bug tracking/PM tool. For example, when someone files a bug/new feature request, that can be assigned to a developer. The developer can accept it, write a test for it. When Hudson is run, it can check for the existence of that test, and update the ticket with the build number/metadata information (and potentially status to “needs review”). Then you’ve got a fully integrated workflow from feature request->implementation->change request. That would be pretty spiffy.

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