Welcome to Gangplank 3.0

New space means a new site – Welcome to the next installment of Gangplank.

With so much going on at our new location in Downtown Chandler, we felt it was time to update the website to make room for all the exciting events and news coming out of Gangplank.

Our home page now includes sidebars highlighting the latest blog posts and upcoming events. For more information, the Events tab includes our calendar, as well as explanations about our Brownbags and Hacknights.

The new Vision tab has all you need to know about Gangplank Рthe underlying vision, manifesto, as well as some frequently asked questions for new visitors. The People tab highlights our members, anchors, mentors and shares ways you can become involved. Additionally, our blog navigation has improved with separate tabs for brownbag and technical brownbag videos.

A huge thanks to Ward Andrews, Josh Strebel and Chuck Reynolds for their work on the site. Take a look around – let us know what you think.

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