Gangplank 3.0 Construction Updates

As construction continues on Arizona Ave, we’ve got some updates to make your visit to Gangplank pleasant and productive.

The front sidewalk was ripped up last week to make way for the new 18-foot brick and cement sidewalk. Therefore, our front entrance is closed. Visitors will need to enter through our back door, marked Suite 7, off of Wall St. This will take you into the project rooms. To get to the main space, take the main hallway up through the double doors.

Additionally, the parking directly behind Gangplank has been roped off. We have a new lot only one block away, on the northwest corner of Chicago and Oregon St. To reach this new lot, take Frye past Wall St, making a right on Oregon St. The gravel lot is just past the last house on your left hand side. To get to Gangplank, walk east on Chicago towards Arizona Ave, passing the red barn which used to be the Beaderie. Make a right on Wall St, walk past Market Square and look for the door marked Suite 7.

Feel free to contact the Director of Operations if you have any questions.

One thought on “Gangplank 3.0 Construction Updates

  1. I was in downtown Chandler tonight. While I was weaving in and out of the traffic cones and signs I almost knocked over a few when I noticed Gangplank. I did not realize there was a Chandler location. I can’t wait for Monday to come so I can stop in and check it out!

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