Gangplank Garage Update

This afternoon, a small group sat down with Jay Rogers of Local Motors to gather initial ideas on what a Gangplank Garage would look like. Jay is very passionate about innovation in the automotive industry and collaborating to make that happen.

Today’s conversation centered around how to attract the right type of people to work with this level of machinery, as well as be an asset to the Local Motors design community. A community garage of this type would need to send the message that we are about creating new ideas to move automotive forward, as opposed to concentrating on basic maintenance or restoration. We are looking for a group that would manufacture innovation. The rough idea of the garage would be to start with meetings centered around specific projects – a monthly meeting of a dedicated group that would be a ‘hacking time’. Community members would have access to Local Motor’s crew members and tools to work on a specific project.

When the group becomes established, Local Motors may be willing to have 2-3 desks in the Local Motors space that would be reserved for Gangplank Garage members. Trusted members would have access to the desks during business hours to design and experiment. This desk area could be manned by a project coordinator of sorts, who would organize space reservations, request for equipment usage, etc.

There are some fantastic opportunities coming out of Local Motors. DARPA has proposed a project to show the military that an open source design model can make great military vehicles more efficiently than traditional defense contractors. A Gangplank Garage full of innovative minds would be exactly what Local Motors is looking for in terms of proving this point, as well as provide us with the chance to drastically chance the way our government designs, builds and pays for our defense.

You can’t get more dangerous than that.

The next Gangplank Garage meeting will be at Local Motors for their Burgers, Cars and Welding event on Tuesday, September 14th from 6:30-8:30pm. We will be discussing the garage further after 8:30pm, so feel free to come for the entire meeting or after 8pm.

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