Music vital to creative environment

In a giant open workspace, things can get a bit noisy. One person starts having a conversation and all of a sudden, the entire room is participating in a shouting match.

Of course, the beauty of a giant open workspace that encourages a culture of independence means there is no boss to yell at you for throwing on some headphones.

Music is important to a creative work environment to not only shut out noise, but get workers in a groove. Many of the employees and coworkers that call Gangplank home have repeatedly said how surprised they are at how much work they get done – all it took was getting in a groove.

Thankfully, Sonos understands that need for music, especially the varying taste of music lovers. The  audio company kindly donated a Sonos Wireless Multi-Room Music system to Gangplank at the beginning of September and last evening, it got its first real test drive.

Sonos Music System

Even myself, as technically noobish I can be, was able to easily understand the program installed on my computer, controlling playlists for two separate areas simultaneously, without ever having to leave my desk. The system easily hooked into the PA system RedPear donated, allowing us to blast music over the noise of our charity poker tournament.

Thank you to Sonos, Chuck Reynolds and Jonathan Kressaty for donating this fabulous system to streamline our love for music. Be sure to stop by and check it out!

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