Poker Tournament Success!

33 individuals descended upon Gangplank last night for a chance at the Gangplank Poker Champion title…and to donate to a fantastic cause.

The tournament, which lasted into the wee hours of the morning, raised more than $1,400 for our Gangplank Junior Lego League. Thanks to your donations, we will be able to fund not one, but TWO Lego League teams. The donations ensure that we can keep the program free so that all kids can participate, no matter their family’s current economic state.

Tremendous thanks to Dilly’s Deli, Floridino’s Pizza & Pasta, and Urban Tea Loft for their generous prize donations. Thank you to Dev-Fu for providing Papa Murphy’s pizza and supplying an extra dealer.

This event could not have been run without the wonderfully booming voice and coordinating efforts of Integrum’s Chris Conrey, who knows far more about running a poker tournament than I ever will. And congratulations to Brad Corrion, who walks away with the Gangplank Poker Champion title.

Aaron Pines
Andrew Bowerman
Andy Ferra
Brad Corrion — 1st Place
Byron Bowerman
Chris Cardinal
Chris Conrey
Chris Bardwell — 2nd Place
Clayton Lengel-Zigich
Dena Jones
Fletcher Fowler
Freddie Schineller
Greg Taylor
Heather Herr
Jade Meskill
Jared Bodnar
Jeremy Leung
Jiva DeVoe
Joe Enos
Jose Diaz
Joe Guadagno
Justin Benore
Michael Barber
Nick Ryan — 3rd place
Norm Faude
Rebecca Hidalgo
Rebecca Joy
Ryan Gasparini
Scott Cate
Stephanie Vasquez
Steve Swedler
Tyler Hurst

3 thoughts on “Poker Tournament Success!

  1. Had a really good time last night. Brad sucked out with an ace on the river… how cliche is that? Lucky…

    Anyways, I’m ready for a rematch. When’s the next one Gangplank?

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