The Mother of all Food Drives

Last year we set a goal to raise one-metric ton of food for charity. We smashed that goal, collecting more than 3,600 lbs of food that provided warm meals for local families.

Last year:

This Year:
We have partnered with a few great local organizations to feed even more families. The holidays are approaching and many are in need in these tough economic times. This year we have chosen to support  The Chandler Foodbank with our efforts. Let’s get this party started!

Kickoff in Style at #phxdw

Forward - Phoenix Design Week 2010

Phoenix Design Week will be the kickoff event for the food drive. All attendee’s are encouraged to bring two cans of food and a business card to the 10/2 and 10/3 #phxdw events. A raffle will be held after the event and five lucky creatives will win a stylish American Apparel T-shirt from In addition, if at least 200 cans are donated, I will personally do a another drawing for a Wacom “Bamboo” Tablet for one lucky designer.

Marketing Professionals Unite at #joinazima

AZIMA has something very special planned for attendees to their 10/12 event featuring SEO legend Danny Sullivan. Bring one can of food and trade it for a raffle ticket for a very special giveaway, to be announced soon. Bring two cans, two raffle tickets. Trust me you will want to get as many raffle tickets as possible for this one.

Gangplank takes over and will accept food donations October 11th – Thanksgiving.

Beginning October 11th, Gangplank will begin accepting and encouraging canned food donations everyday and at all events. If you or your group are coming to Gangplank for any reason, you are being asked to help with our efforts and bring some cans of food with you for a donation.

This year has been tough for a lot of people and families in our communities. Let’s do what we can to help. Ready, set, go!

Update: Ignite Phoenix turning up the heat with Food donations #IgnitePhx

Ignite Phoenix #8 will be accepting donations of canned food at their October 15th event. This is going to be one sweet event with more than 800 tickets available. Just think of the impact it will have if every single person brought a can of food for donation at this event. Rock on PHX, rock on.


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