Unveiling Gangplank 3.0

You’ve been patient. You waited for us to (finally) move to the new location. You waited for the completion of the fancy project rooms, then the seriously fast Wifi. We’d like to reward your patience and get you excited for the next, and last, step in the evolution of Gangplank 3.0.

Gangplank 3 Rendering

Construction will begin shortly on the 260 building, which will eventually house the anchors, coworking, recording studio and game room, leaving the 250 building open as a full-time event space.

We’ve received several renderings of the planned construction of the new building that we’d like to share with you. Thanks to Chad Smith of Being Studios for giving some life to the design.

11 thoughts on “Unveiling Gangplank 3.0

  1. Hmm.. Where’s the plank?
    No helipad?
    Looks nice, is there a separate forum (feed, blog, or whatnot) where we can follow the projects progress?

  2. chad,

    The audi in front of gangplank.. can you darken the gray, lower it quite a bit, an put 10 spoke 19in rims on it. Thanks.

    Is the color of this text nearly unreadable for everyone else in this textarea? chuck.. css the input colors

  3. It’s been explained before but what is going to be on the different floors? Downstairs anchors and upstairs coworkers? Or coworkers on both floors?

    • So working area is moving to the 1st floor of new 260 building. Upstairs will house a few more office / phone rooms with the rest of it being two large event-type rooms that will have a dividing wall that can be opened up to make that one large room.
      The patio wall is movable too so that will fully open up to the patio area up top. Inside there is a big skylight that will shine down through to the first foor also.

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