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Note: This post was written by ASU Business Senior, Sabrina Scott. Sabrina is one of the five interns that elected to do their senior project with Gangplank.

A few days ago, myself and another intern got together with Katie Charland to brainstorm ways Gangplank can attract college students. The meeting began by discussing college student’s needs and wants. The next step was to come up with lists of what Gangplank already had that could meet those desires, and what they still needed. After about an hour of brainstorming, we gathered some great information.

We were able to make solid insights into what Gangplank could do to attract a younger crowd. We narrowed down the information into two potential events that the interns would be responsible for planning.

While planning, we became very excited about the events – a late-night getting ready for the real world prep, and a real discussion about the difficulties of entrepreneurship. These events will be a great way to get students involved at Gangplank, and also benefit them way more than any class lecture.

Additionally, the events will be a great way to network. If you are a college student and reading this, make sure you keep a look out for Gangplank events, hopefully to occur during the spring semester. I wish I had opportunities like this when I first started school.  It was a great experience to be part of the planning and feel like my opinions as a college student were valued in the brainstorming.

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