Rough and tumble coworking

There is a certain beauty to coworking spaces. In the tours I’ve taken of locations in other states, I’m always awed by these clean-cut, modernist spaces – beautiful pictures hung in the perfect spot, spotless carpets, flawlessly matched furniture all with desktops so clean you could eat off them. These coworking spaces are soothing, clean, and safe.

But how much collaboration and conversation is occurring?

Gangplank is not a coworking space.

We are collaborative space – one that demands our anchors and members interact, work at a fast pace and move great ideas forward now. No walls, no barriers, no privacy.

Naturally, we’re a bit messy.

We are bursting at the seams. With more than 40 people working out of Gangplank everyday, 14 anchors companies, plus the 100+ that visit us as coworkers or event participants, each and every corner of our facility is utilized. Form follows function and every object our space must have some practical application.

Task-based index cards are everywhere, whiteboards are always full, work rooms may see 5-6 projects in a single day. Mountains of Dew are consumed and trash cans are almost always filled to the brim.

Gangplank isn’t always pretty, but you’ve got everything and everyone you need in one place, to answer your questions and help you move on faster to building a better economy.

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