Volunteer for the Official Crews

There is so much going on at Gangplank these days that it’s time to organize some official volunteer crews. Crew members get a Gangplank shirt, the occasional free meal and eternal gratefulness. Students – great way to earn community service hours. Read the crew descriptions below. If you’re interested in volunteering, email Director of Operations.

Event Crew — Gangplank is an agile space that is constantly changing – and we need people to help us streamline that change. Event crew members assist with set-up (moving tables, postings signs, etc), working registration, providing parking assistance, answering questions and generally ensuring things run smoothly. Within the event crew, there are specific assignments:

  • Night Crew — For the crowd that experiences their bursts of energy past midnight, we need you to help break down our events. Gangplank must be back to a working space before the next morning, and that can be tough with just two people.
  • Security — For the events that don’t require desks to be moved, we need security to supervise our anchor company’s equipment, as well as work the front doors for private events.
  • Halloween — Saturday, October 30th we are hosting our first ever Halloween Family Fest. We need volunteers to run face-painting, pumpkin decorating, games, etc. The event runs from 6-9pm.

Photographer — I will freely admit I suck at taking pictures. Plus, my powers of description never accurately convey what Gangplank’s space looks like. The volunteer photographer position would be responsible for capturing Gangplank events, our space and progress of the new facility.

The majority of these positions would be less than a 5-hour commitment per month and generally occur after work hours.

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