Defining Hacknight

Recently at a Gangplank Town Hall there was a discussion about changing the name of hacknight.  Many felt that hacknight gave a connotation that it was solely about computer technology.  The biggest rebuttal came with a definition that hacking was about modifying things from the normal to make them more useful.  In the spirit of hacking here is some footage from tonight’s hacknight to show that it is not about computers it is about hacking.  From music to technology to tattoos to electronics to mathematics to woodworking.  Most importantly it is about creators/hackers sharing space and creating community while getting their hack on.

HackNight Madness from Gangplank on Vimeo.

5 thoughts on “Defining Hacknight

  1. As Chris said : “Feel free to relocate to central Phoenix should you ever want to – it’d be a bit closer for me”

  2. Even though it’s three years later now, that was an excellent post illustrating a succinct point Brandon.
    I think it’s also worthy of note that aside from the computer lingo, the term ‘hacking’ carries with it a negative connotation of gaining access in not the most legal of ways.
    I agree that renaming ‘hacknight’ , since it still carries that title, should be considered. Being well-educated and not very familiar with Gangplank, the phrase ‘hacknight’ immediately brings to me the question of computers and technology with the negative connotation. Further, everything I read on the websites seems to be solely about tech-related endeavors–programming, web development, code, etc. I also come from a family background of computer & electrical and mechanical engineers. So though it’s not my field, I have a level of familiarity that most don’t.

  3. I think I fall into the camp of people who think the name should be changed. Yes, this last Hacknight was especially amazing, and yes, some people might interpret the word “hacking” to have broader meanings, but most people associate it with computers, plain and simple.

    Beyond that, I don’t really agree that playing music is a form of hacking, in any interpretation of the word, nor are things like tattooing, painting, etc.

    My personal view is that if we want to encourage more artistic/creative/musical/whatever stuff to happen at Gangplank, which does not center around just computers, we need to think carefully about not just what words like Hacknight *mean*, but what people *think they mean*.

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