Gangplank Thanksgiving

No one likes spending the holidays alone, but not everyone wants to spend all day with someone else’s family. Thanks to Gangplank, us holiday orphans were able to share favorite eats, laugh at each other while playing Dance Central and pig out on desserts.

Francine and Ed brought their dogs, Mike and Sarah brought their kids, Kathy Jacobs and her hubby brought a fancy crock pot full of goodness that was “chicken kinda blu” (amazing, by the way). Jacob Rosenthal and Maya Kessler made the best kind of stuffing there is – with no onions or celery =) Jeremy Leung encouraged guests to create their own delicious desserts, bringing along all the makings for an apple crumble pie. Greg Taylor and his ladyfriend Kristina Landrum brought cherry pie while Debbie Walker showed up with some dump cake (I think that’s what she called it) which was flaky crust and fruit filling. Yum.

Oh, Katie Charland cooked her first turkey and homemade mac and cheese. My contribution consisted of covering the turkey with chicken stock and then falling asleep while she did all the work. I DID plug in the Xbox 360, though.

I even whupped Greg and Mike in Fight Night 3. Good times, great people and yet another good example of a common place bringing people together.

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