Global Entrepreneurship Week Challenge

Entrepreneurship is an international language. You don’t need to be a certain age, race, gender or live in a specific area to want to own your business. It isn’t necessary to speak the same language to understand the desire of another human being to take control of their destiny, work hard to improve themselves and the community.

Global Entrepreneurship Week brings together millions from around the globe to support and promote entrepreneurship. From Monday, November 15 through Sunday, November 21, hundreds of events and activities are planned to encourage startups and small business owners.

Gangplank is a community of entrepreneurs. As part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, we have set two goals – one, to collectively lend $1,000 to the community and two, to fully fund one entrepreneur. You can choose to participate in either challenge. If you’d like to choose an entrepreneur of your own, join the Gangplank team on ( and be sure to select Gangplank as your ‘Count Towards Team’ when you get to your basket. If you’d like to help full fund one entrepreneur, his information is below.

*UPDATE* We fully funded two chosen entrepreneurs, Jones Matagaro Nyamasege and Noel Pandero, in two days. As a result, we’ve chosen a third entrepreneur.

Our third entrepreneur is Rueben Fernando.

“Responsible and with a positive attitude he has an upholstery shop where he upholsters chairs, armchairs, and vehicles. He works from Monday to Saturday. He also works from home when he has orders with his wife’s help and ocasionaly his brother’s. He has two children who are still babies.”

Let’s spread the message of entrepreneurship.

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