Problem-solving through collaboration

Note: This post is written by ASU Business Senior, Sydney Lang. Sydney is one of five interns that elected to do their senior project with Gangplank. Check out her original post, ‘A Welcome Back to Downtown Chandler‘.

I know you’ve all been waiting to see what workshops and events the interns are planning, and we’ve got some great things coming.

I’ve been involved in planning our workshop, which is scheduled to take place on Friday, November 19th at 5:30pm.  This workshop focuses on the benefits of collaboration in business – something Gangplank encompasses with its collaborative workspace.

Having worked for entrepreneurs for the last five years, I’ve noticed that even entrepreneurs in different industries share the same general problems and conflicts – whether it’s dealing with a lack of employee accountability or choosing the perfect marketing strategy.  This workshop aims to bring entrepreneurs, business professionals, and critical thinkers together, with the hopes of solving two actual problems local businesses are facing.

Both Lang Printing, located in Tempe, and RoughEdge Software, one of Gangplank’s anchors, have offered a problem they are currently facing for participants to discuss.  With this workshop, we hope that these entrepreneurs will find solutions to their various problems by participating in discussions with participants, who might present different and valuable perspectives to the situation at hand.  Beyond that, I feel that participants will gain a deeper insight into the benefits of collaboration, taking with them more general solutions for common business problems.

Please join us on Friday, November 19th at 5:30 in our efforts to help local businesses through collaboration and discussion.

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